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Stop smoking challenge London tour in 2022

From July 23 to August 1, Puffmi embarked on a nine-day tour of London - #StopSmokingChallenge. 

The campaign was across 14 musical festivals, with 50 million exposure from both online and offline, over 10k+ interactions, collaboration with 20 influencers, and receiving feedback from more than 100 street interviews.

Why are we doing this -- #StopSmokingChallenge tour on the road?

We are always concerned about public health, and as the upcoming update of European tobacco legislation (TPD), we want to make our voices louder and share our anti-smoking philosophy with the public.


The Way To Beat Smoking 

Spread your words! At each stop, you would have the chance to join our stop smoking challenge and win £20 gifts (Puffmi TX600 and some brand accessories) by posing in front of our art installations and sharing it on Instagram!


Engagement In This Tour

At O2 Academic Brixton, more than 2000 young people attended the musical event. Many people were drawn to the Puffmi van and tried to join the stop-smoking challenge.

At Trafalgar Square where UEFA women’s Euro 2022 (one of the greatest women's and girl’s sports in England) was held, over 10k people waited outside and watched the Puffmi van drive around.

Influencers and artists engagement, giveaway promotions, and street interviews...Based on the data about the 9-day London tour, we have created 50 million brand exposure through both the offline and the online marketing channels.

These show the awareness of consumers who want to reduce the harm of tobacco, and we will continue to spread the idea of anti-smoking and help more people recognize the benefits of e-cigarettes that serve as effective and healthier substitutes for traditional cigarettes by supporting them.

What's The Next Meet-up Plan?

We are planning for our next successful marketing in September to keep raising consumer awareness against smoking. More details coming soon! Join our community to share your ideas, we’re all ears! 


Post time: Jul-01-2022